At Pusteblume, we provide a creative and positive learning environment where children can develop their unique qualities and characteristics through a combination of play and instruction. Our curriculum teaches students how to learn with confidence and enthusiasm by focusing on inquiry and exploration in the classroom and the world outside. Our program introduces skills and behaviors - from holding pencils and washing hands to listening to teachers and sharing with friends - while progressively building knowledge through a series of linked themes such as, ‘feelings’, ‘my family’, ‘recycling’ and ‘our community.


Parks and Art: Movement and Motor Skills

All of our children have ample opportunities during the day to run and ride around our large indoor playroom. And we are out in the fresh air year-round visiting the various playgrounds in our neighborhood. Painting, cutting, drawing and pasting projects in the classroom pave the way to learn handwriting and other fine motor skills.


Snack and Meal Times: Social Skills

Snack and meal times provide excellent opportunities for children to informally engage in an important socialization process. For example, on a given day one child might be in charge of setting the table, serving the snacks and pouring the drinks. Other children receive snacks, drinks, and napkins and can express their appreciation. While children are having their snacks, they can chat in an informal but respectful and personal way with their classmates.



Circle time is a period of teacher-directed group instruction. This is a time to go over the daily theme with movement, arts and crafts and reading activities. Circle time will often involve reading aloud and discussions about favorite books, holidays, etc. All daily activities at Pusteblume take place in Spanish or German with the exception of weekly English-language circle time, which allows teachers to assess and maintain students’ preparedness for future English-language schooling.


And much more:

Other activities at Pusteblume include song and dance, hands-on cooking/eating and science projects and field trips around the city that tie into our daily and weekly themes.